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Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy-Mumukshuppadi

Our pUrvAchAryas have most mercifully revealed the most confidential and divine principles that are essential for every prapannan to learn and follow in very simple terms in many granthams. One such divine grantham is piLLai lOkAchAryar’s mumukshuppadi. This fully reveals the meanings of rahasya thrayam - thirumanthram, dhvayam and charama slOkam. mAmunigaL’s vyAkyAnam for mumukshuppadi is a crown jewel among our pUrvAchArya vyAkyAnams.

piLLai lOkAchAryar and mAmunigaL - srIperumbUthUr

It is our great fortune that we now have the opportunity to listen to the kAlakshEpam of this divine grantham with its most wonderful vyAkyAnam from srI U. vE. vELukkudi krishNan swamy. vELukkudi krishNan swamy is very well known among every house-hold for his ability to deliver the highest principles through elegant and simple lectures. His series of mumukshuppadi kAlakshEpams recorded in srIrangam with detailed explanations is made available for our varavaramuni sambandhis group members at the moment. It is customary that these principles are heard directly under an AchAryan in physical presence after undergoing pancha samskAram. But considering the current situation of our limited accessibility to scholars and kAlakshEpams, this kAlakshEpam series is broadcasted in our website for the ones who have had pancha samskAram.

srI U.vE. vELukkudi krishNan swamy

In mumukshuppadi itself, piLLai lOkAchAryar highlights in sUthram 4 – manthraththilum manthraththukku uLLidAna vasthuvilum manthra pradhanAna AchAryan pakkalilum prEmam ganakka uNdAnAl kAryakaramAvathu (மந்த்ரத்திலும் மந்த்ரத்துக்கு உள்ளீடான வஸ்துவிலும் மந்த்ர ப்ரதனான ஆசார்யன் பக்கலிலும் ப்ரேமம் கனக்க உண்டானால் கார்யகரமாவது).  mAmunigaL beautifully explains that the sishya should have great faith in the manthram (which is explained), bhagavAn (who is the object of the manthram) and AchAryan (who has full control over the manthram)  and should develop great attachment towards all the three. He also beautifully quotes an equivalent samskritha slOkam revealing the same principle – manthrE thath dhEvathAyAncha thathA manthrapradhE gurau, thrishu bakthis sadhAkAryA sA hi pradhama sAdhanam (மந்த்ரே தத் தேவதாயாஞ்ச ததா மந்த்ரப்ரதே குரௌ, த்ரிஷு பக்திஸ் ஸதாகார்யா ஸா ஹி ப்ரதம ஸாதநம்). Thus it is important to listen to these kAlakshEpams with great sincerity in a systematic manner instead of casually listening to them.

Here is a list of guidelines for listening to the kAlakshEpam series. We request that everyone follow these guidelines to fully reap the benefit of listening to such kAlakshEpam.

  • ·         Inform and seek permission / blessings from samAsrayana AchArya to listen to this mumukshuppadi kAlakshEpam series.
  • ·         Always exclusively sit and listen to kAlakshEpam instead of listening to kAlakshEpam while eating, driving, working , etc.
  • ·         Be in full vaishNava attire while listening to the kAlakshEpam. This includes dress (vEshti, panchakacham for gruhastha men, etc), Urdhva puNdram, etc.
  • ·         Before beginning every lecture, recite podhu thanians starting with srIsailEsa dhayApAthram  followed by thanians specific to mumukshuppadi  (attached in the end).
  • ·         Also, please follow the kAlakshEpam with the vyAkyAna srIkOsam – it will be very useful and easy to understand with the book.
  • ·         Try to follow the routine regularly. We are planning to upload two lectures per week. Try to complete listening to those in that following week itself. This way we will be able to complete the whole series in a span of 10 months approximately.

Planned start date: Jan 4th 2014 - thiruvONam.

adiyOngaL - administrators

mumukshuppadi thanians:

First srIsailEsa dhayApAthram ... bhUtham sarascha thanians are recited. After that the following thanians are recited.

lOkAchAryAya guravE krushNapAdhasya sUnavE
samsAra bhOgi sandhashta jIva jIvAthavE nama:

லோகாசார்யாய குரவே க்ருஷ்ணபாதஸ்ய ஸூநவே
ஸம்ஸார போகி ஸந்தஷ்ட ஜீவ ஜீவாதவே நம:

Simple translation: Rendered by
eeyuNNi padhmanAbha perumAL (son of eeyuNNi mAdhava perumAL who is a disciple of nampiLLai). My obeisances belong to the AchArya named piLLai lOkAchAryar who is the son of vadakku thiruvIdhi piLLai and who is the life saving medicine for the bound souls that are bitten by the snake of samsAram.

lOkagurum gurubissaha pUrvai: kUra kulOththama dhAsam udhAram
srInagapathi abhirAma varEsau dhIprasayAna guruncha bhajEham (also recited as dhIprasayam varayOgi namIdE)

லோககுரும் குருபிஸ்ஸஹ பூர்வை: கூர குலோத்தமதாஸம் உதாரம்
ஸ்ரீநகபதி அபிராம வரேஸௌ தீப்ரசயாந குருஞ்ச பஜேஹம் (தீப்ரசயம் வரயோகி நமீடே)

Simple translation: Rendered by
mAmunigaL. I worship our pUrvAchAryas, piLLai lOkAchAryar, the most munificent kUra kulOthama dhAsar, thirumalai AzhwAr (thiruvAimozhi piLLai), azhagiya maNavALa perumAL piLLai (maternal grand father of mAmunigaL) and thigazhakkidanthAn thirunAvIrudaiya pirAn thAthar (mAmunigaL's father). Note: mAmunigaL's father learns the sath sampradhAyam principles from his own father-in-law kOttiyUr azhagiya maNavALa perumAL piLLai who is a dear sishya of piLLai lOkAchAryar.

kOdhil ulagAsiriyan kUra kulOththama thAthar

thIdhil thirumalaiyAzhwAr chezhunguravai maNavALar

Odhariya pugazhth thirunAvudaiya pirAn thAtharudan

pOtha maNavALa muni ponnadigaL pORRuvanE

கோதில் உலகாசிரியன் கூர குலோத்தம தாதர்
தீதில் திருமலையாழ்வார் செழுங்குரவை மணவாளர்
ஓதரிய புகழ்த் திருநாவுடைய பிரான் தாதருடன்
போத மணவாள முனி பொன்னடிகள் போற்றுவனே

Simple translation: I glorify the lotus feet of the most knowlegeable maNavALa mAmunigaL along with the blemishless piLLai lOkAchArayar, kUra kulOthuma dhAsar, the defectless thirumalai AzhwAr (thiruvAimozhi piLLai), azhagiya maNavALa perumAL piLLai (mAmunigaL's grand father) from kuravai clan, the boundlessly famous thirunAvIrudaiya pirAn thAtharaNNar (mAmunigaL's father).

vAzhi ulagAsiriyan vAzhi avan mannu kulam

vAzhi mudumbai ennum mAnagaram

vAzhi manam chUzhntha pErinbam migu nallAr

inam chUzhnthu irukkum iruppu


வாழி உலகாசிரியன் வாழி அவன் மன்னு குலம்
வாழி முடும்பை என்னும் மாநகரம்
வாழி மனம் சூழ்ந்த பேரின்பம் மிகு நல்லார்
இனம் சூழ்ந்து இருக்கும் இருப்பு

Simple translation: Hail piLLai lOkAchAryar! Hail his glorious clan! Hail the great city mudumbai (native town of his clan)! Hail that blissful assembly of piLLai lOkAchAryar who is surrounded by the most pious devotees.

Othum mudumbai ulagAsiriyan aruL

Ethum maRavAtha emperumAn

nIdhi vazhuvAch chiRunallUr mAmaRaiyOn pAdham thozhuvArkku

vArA thuyar

ஓதும் முடும்பை உலகாசிரியன் அருள்
ஏதும் மறவாத எம்பெருமான்
நீதி வழுவாச் சிறுநல்லூர் மாமறையோன் பாதம் தொழுவார்க்கு
வாரா துயர்

Simple translation: There is no sorrows for the ones who worship the lotus feet of kUra kulOthuma dhAsar who hails from chirunallUr, who is well-learned in the great vEdham and who sincerely practices the principles of sAsthram and who constantly remembers the grace of piLLai lOkAchAryar.

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