This page holds the Sath Sampradaya Divya Ganam which could be one of DivyaPrabandhams recited in Carnatic Music or Keerthanais by Mahanubhavas of our Sath Sampradayam on Divyadesa Emperuman, Azhwars and Acharyas. Please support this page by providing links to various Music by Sath Sampradaya Sambandhis.
As an introduction, we are adding Sri.Vanamamalai Keerthanai By Sri.U.Ve.Vidwan Srinivasa Iyengar Swamy and his Brother Sri.U.Ve.Vidwan Alagappa Iyengar Swamy. It is important to note that these two great Swamys were father and uncle of Srimad Parahamsa ithyadhi Vanamamalai Chinna Ramanuja Swamy (27th Pontiff -> 27th Pattam) who decorated the Peetam for 40 + years. Swamy was a great Anusthana parar and a Nyaya Vedantha Tharka Vidwan along with Sath Sampradaya Rahsya grantha Pravarthakar. Under 27th Jeeyar Swamy's period Vanamamalai Mutt attained great glory adding to its existing Glory. 
These Keerthanais are composed on Vanamamalai Deiva Nayaga perumal Thayar along with Vanamamalai Perumal and Jeeyar Swamys. After a period of 100 years, due to the relentless pursuit of Daugther of 27th Pontiff Smt. VaikuntaVasi Andal Ammal along with Great Mahatmas like Embar Swamy, a beautiful composition of these Keerthanais on Deva Ganam composed. The Singer is none other than the great Grand Daughter of 27th Jeeyar Swamy named Smt. RangaNayaki Ammal Rangaswamy who hails from Vanamamalai and Lives in Bangalore Mathikire. After hearing these songs please pay your tribute to her.

Please view the songs with Emperuman and Acharyan in the below Youtube:


Song List:
  1. Introduction
    1. A small introduction by One of Bagavatotamas on these Keerthanai and Authors.
    1. Introduction to Keerthanai..

  2. Sri Sailesa Dayapatram .. and Introduction
    1. SriSailesa Dayapatram- Vanachala Munim

  3. Ambodha Neelam Aravindha Dhalaya Daksham
    1. Ambodha Neelam Aravindha Dhalaya Daksham

  4. Anukala ThanuKanta
    1. Anukula Thanukantha

  5. Aparadha Sahsra Bhaajinam
    1. Aparadha Sahsra Bhaajanam

  6. Deeyad Vaanachala Deeyesho..
    1. Deeyad Vaanachala Deeyesho

  7. Kamalalaye Karunanilaye..Thodi
  8. Kamsara Samsare
    1. Kamsara Samsare

  9. Maamava SaraseeruvaNilaye
    1. Maamava SaraseeruvaNilaye

  10. Nadhatmajam Bhavaya
    1. Nadhatmajam Bhavaya

  11. Pahi Suresha Varamanga..
    1. Paahi Suresha Varamanga

  12. Palaya Gopika Nandhana
    1. Palaya Gopika Nandhana

  13. Praseedha Karivara
    1. Praseedha Karivara

  14. Rama Gama..
    1. Rama Gama

  15. Sahitam Srivaramangaya
    1. Sahitam Srivaramangaya

  16. SriDasharatha Nandanam Bhaje.. (The File size is too large to Link. Will upload soon..)
  17. Sriyai Chitachit Vidhana,,
    1. Sriyai Chitachit Vidhana

  18. SuraVara Varadha Bhara
    1. Sura Vara Varadha Bhara

  19. VariKathala Lochana...(The File size is too large to Link. Will upload soon..)
  20. Yadgo Sahasram..
    1. Yadgo Sahasram

  21. Yasya Kataksha
    1. Yasya Kataksha