2018 - emperumAnAr uthsavam - thalaichchanganANmadhiyam

Post date: Apr 08, 2018 4:37:53 PM

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

Schedule: April 12th to 21st

By the grace of emperumAn/AzhwArs/AchAryas, we (our trust/group) are blessed to be involved in thalaichchanganANmadhiyam dhivya dhESa kainkaryams. 

On account of emperumAnAr, SrI rAmAnuja's 1001st year thirunakshathram celebrations, it has been decided by the SrIvaishNavas of this dhivya dhESam, that 10 days uthsavam with 4000 dhivya prabandha sEvAkAlam will be celebrated in this dhivya dhESam with the help of our SrI varavaramuni sambandhi trust. Every day, during the 10 days of uthsavam, dhivya prabandham will be recited in sequence to complete 4000 pAsurams in time for the sARRumuRai day. Every day, different amudhupadi (bhOgam/naivEdhyam) will be offered to emperumAn befitting the occasion. 

Preliminary estimate of expenses towards archaka, adhyApaka, parichAraka, madappaLLi bahumAnam, provisions and other items is approximately Rs 130000. Hence we appeal earnestly to the sambandhis for their liberal contribution to make it a grand function as there is no other occasion when perumAL, pirAtti, AzhwArs, AchAryas do listen to arulichcheyal with such grand gOshti and receive such grand bhOgam at this remote dhivya dhESam.

We request SrIvaishNavas to take this opportunity to plan and attend this dhivya dhESam during this time of celebrations.

SrI K E B Rangarajan swamy will be co-ordinating the uthsavam on behalf of us. Those who are willing to participate in this kainkaryam (physically, financially) are requested to contact him at +91-9841056697 . 


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